Minimalist jewellery that will last a lifetime.

I pair my appreciation for minimalism with my love for silver to create mindful, harmonious pieces.


Jewellery That Lasts

Each design is developed, crafted and worn before it is released.


This lets me problem solve, and achieve an ideal piece that's comfortable, beautiful, and that will last. I trust my jewellery, and that's why it all has a lifetime guarantee.

Because, when you wear a piece every day, it needs to last.

This jewellery is made to be worn. To work, to sleep, in the shower and even under a motorbike helmet.

My studs are carefully filed back to create a soft finish that won't prick or stab, and my rings will sit perfectly, lightly on your finger so you don't have to constantly adjust and readjust.

This is jewellery you forget you're wearing until someone compliments it.

Jewellery That's Comfortable