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Jewellery is part of our everyday, so keeping it sustainable is so important. This means sustainable practices, and long lasting wear. My making uses exclusively recycled sterling silver and recycled packaging to avoid less in landfill. All pieces can also be repaired, meaning that they will last lifetimes. Ultimately, I aim to make sustainable, ethical jewellery more accessible for everyone.


I do not design within trends, I endeavour to create timeless pieces that will work seamlessly with your changing styles. Creating awareness for the value in minimalism, both as a style and as a lifestyle choice, is an important part of my process.

03      QUALITY

All of my jewellery is handcrafted, reviewed and tested by me for durability and finish. Creating jewellery is not a fast process. It takes me time, mindfulness and each moment is treasured and appreciated for what it is contributing to. This is what I love about making.

04      COMFORT


Each new piece I design is worn by me for at least a week after I first make it. I wear it in the shower, to work, to bed, to ensure that it's comfortable, and enjoyable to wear. If there's something that I don't like about wearing it, I redesign the piece and start the process again. This means that you, my wonderful supporter, will always the most comfortable piece I can design.

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