Creating jewellery mindfully...

For as long as she can remember, Sarah has been a jeweller.

She sits down at her bench and is there for hours, losing herself in such a wonderful way, where everything fades, and next minute it's dark outside.


Jewellery is a very mindful process for Sarah, from design to making, which is why her jewellery is as minimalist and harmonic as is it. Each piece reflects it's making.

She hopes to share this feeling with you.


Sarah is always trying to find new ways to be mindful. Running, yoga, baking, painting... but nothing helps quieten her mind like sitting at her bench.

Sarah's workshop is a happy place. It's somewhere that time becomes unimportant. Front and center is the soldering bay, where she carefully heats and bonds metal. Beside that are her files, arranged carefully so she can always find the perfect fit. Her favourite part however is the bench peg. This is where Sarah can carefully clean joints and put the finishing touches on every piece, so they're ready for each wonderful person who has connected with her work.

The Bench

Sarah walked into a silversmithing workshop in high school, that jumped to picking up extra courses with people like Anna Davern, and ultimately to her graduation from a Bachelor's in Gold and Silversmithing from the Australian National University.


Basically, she LOVES working with metal. Designing throughout the day, trying new and interesting techniques, stuffing up and ending up with something completely different to her expectations, but beautiful all the same.

In 2019, Sarah released her work to the wider world, and has been making ever since.

Jewellery That Lasts


My History